Aug 21, 2016

Carrbridge, The Kitchen and Carr-Bridge

On the last day of our amazing adventure in Scotland. we continued our journey, via A9 down south from Drumnadrochit/Inverness. It was a beautiful sunny day, we needed to head back to Edinburgh to catch our sleeper train back to London.

After an hour drive, I thought we were bypassing an ordinary quiet town and will be picking a regular cafe for a brunch. The town itself has an unique name- Carrbridge, the cafe that we walked into had a very common name on its front wall- The Kitchen.

Jul 12, 2016

Bangkok: Eat and Shop

This was an impromptu trip. As in we were chatting about shopping and then decided to make a weekend trip to Bangkok 3 weeks prior.

Departure on Friday after work and return on Sunday night. Practically, we only had 1 full day in Bangkok. So, it was just SHOP [verb: visit one or more shops to buy goods.]
Though it was only the three of us. (Previous trip had more friends joined)

Jun 9, 2016

Chinese Glutinous Rice Dumpling (II)

I had it last year. I am having it again this year. 

This time, coincide with our trip home, I sought my mum's consensus to do it together, to rejoice our good old family tradition. I also thought, perhaps I can show off a little of my matured skill of rice dumpling wrapping.

Jun 7, 2016

Pezzo and Club Rainbow Children Broke Record of the Largest Dessert Pizza for Good Cause

Last week, Pezzo Pizza and 70 children from Club Rainbow (Singapore) came together to create the largest yummylicious dessert pizza in Singapore at NUS Sheares Hall, which have made them earned an entry in the Singapore Book of Records. I was late, due to work, missed the historical moment. However, I felt the jolly atmosphere from the event. I think the kids were not just had fun, they were proud of achieving the local record-breaking pizza.

And this is to give a shout-out for a good cause.

Named Club Rainbow pizza, the pizza is topped with everyone’s favourite cocoa spread, Nutella chocolate as well as caramelised bananas and marshmallows, and then finished with heart-shaped sprinkles. In support of Club Rainbow Charity, Pezzo Pizza is making this pizza available for sale as well. One slice of the Club Rainbow Pizza goes at S$4.90; three slices at S$12.90 and a full pan at S$24.90. Part of the sales proceeds of the Club Rainbow Pizza will be donated to Club Rainbow, offsetting expenses it incurs from helping children with various chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

May 28, 2016

Review: Zno's Layflat Book

I like to do photo album, digitally or not. The process of browsing and handpicking photos, attempting to layout the pages chronologically and flipping through the pages back and forth is therapeutic. And the outcome of the hard work is... pleasing, because of the achievement of memory-calling and collating sets of photos into a book. 

When I chanced upon Zno, I decided to try my hands in making the Layflat book. I was drawn to its thick pages of high quality printing. The pages of the book are not just done on conventional paper quality, but it mounted on thick inner substrate with silver halide photo paper, which gives the book an excellent premier characters. The uniqueness of no bulging and no gutting when layflat is another special feature. Think grand and once-in-one's-life-time high quality wedding album, but in smaller and manageable scale. What's more, the special offer - $5 Trial was very attractive. 

The special offer is not just for its premium flush mount photo album but also wood custom photo frame and canvas print.

Eligibility: 1 trial item per household/account;
Note: Shipping & tax (if any) not included.

Here, I am sharing some tips of making a layflat book via Zno.

May 9, 2016

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

We were late, in getting up from bed and out from house and breakfast on the replacement holiday of Labour Day. Yet, at 11am, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve was not too hot for a late morning trekking and mountain biking. Naturally, the microclimate of the forest is lower and the layers of green filters the sun penetration directly to the ground.

This time, from the car park at Hindhede Road, we randomly picked the nearest trail which led us to a Quarry, and a very fun playground. Swings, obstacle course, flying fox, climbing trees, etc. One part of the playground was cordoned off though. 

Not too far from the playground, there was a short hanging rope bridge for trekkers to cross. The girls were extremely thrilled with themselves conquering the fear of crossing the swaying rope bridge.

May 5, 2016

Edinburgh: The Elephant House

Right before we head to National Museum of Scotland, we stumbled upon the Elephant House- the birthplace of Harry Potter. Even we were not sure from far, it was confirmed when we approached closer to the cafe frontage, in English and Chinese! We went in and had an impromptu brunch here.

When J. K. Rowling was writing her series of Harry Potter at the beginning, she was in a needy stage, that she found it cheaper to buy a cup of coffee and wrote in the cafe the whole day than paying heater bill at home. 

Apr 30, 2016

Legoland @ Windsor Resort

Usually, Legoland @ Windsor has special offer if you book through its website in advance. When I decided to squeeze one day for spoiling the girls with Legoland fun, I popped over to the website to do a budget calculation. At that time, it was April/May and 25% discount was offered to any advance booking for Summer season.

Published Gate Price on the day for 1 adult: £48.00 / 1 child: £43.80 

I remember clearly that, if I went ahead with the tickets booking of 2 Adults and 2 Children, I would get an after-discount price of £137.70 for a family of 4 like us.

Very expensive, still!

I pondered for a long while. 

KK, a very old friend of SC who is now residing in London, recommended us London 2for1 attractions, with the requirement that, we need to travel by train to Windsor. Why? Simply because it is an offer by National Rail and ATOC.

There are many 2for1 Offer via National Rail to attractions in and around London, by the way.

And so, we traveled by train and retain the train tickets, then present the train tickets upon purchasing the park tickets at the counter of Legoland Park @ Windsor. To make sure we did the right thing from the very beginning, we asked at Hackbridge Station, upon our departure, if the train tickets are valid for the 2for1 Offer. [Note: Any National Rail train ticket is applicable for the 2for1 Offer]

The train (from Hackbridge) took us to Claphan Junction, then we changed to another platform for another train to Windsor & Eton Riverside Station. The girls were very excited and looked forward to another Legoland fun. The journey was bit long though, 2 hours plus waiting time and we left our lodging late. As it was out last day in London, the girls enjoyed the scenery with more green and less building outside the train, didn't complain a word. Lastly, we took shuttle bus directly to the Legoland Park. [Note, don't doze off during the bus ride, it will pass by Windsor Castle and the town]

Apr 3, 2016

Scotland: RedBurn Cafe

During our road trip in Scotland, we took our chances in getting a pit-stop. I didn't do much research and decide ahead where to stop for a short break from the car ride. Despite the idyllic scenery along the way, there were many places for drivers/travelers to pull over. Some gave us good experience, some not so. For example, stopping by Eilean Donan Castle was because of the need for toilet and coffee, lest on the Castle;p. And it was a great surprise.

However, stopping by Tyndrum (from Callander to Fort William) for the big sign of "Best Fish & Chips" at The Real Food gave me stomach-churning memory. SC and I didn't like the over-oily battered fish. Big Girl didn't have any issue though (Little Bomber slept through and skipped the meal). Of course, there were also times we wanted to stop, but because of the idleness of the premise, we drove further and took longer time to find our pit-stop, especially in Isle of Skye. The girls were bored and hungry.

So, be prepared with some finger food in car, if you need to.

Redburn Cafe was kind of fall into our lap, during our drive from Skye to Inverness. It was another long drive after checked-out from Broadford Youth Hostel in Skye and everyone seemed need a toilet break.

I remember there was a huge sign of the cafe along the Road attracted us, the red facade of the little house gave me homely feeling pulled my attention more. Once our car drove close to the cafe, we were intrigued by the pockets of green mushrooming on the roof.

Mar 29, 2016

Sewing Big

Making conventional shield to a mattress was one thing that I never think i would do. But, there was an opportunity came by and I took it up by burning my nights to figure out the complexity... isn't that complex eventually.

"让生命稳稳流动(也)是我的功课之一。" by Bubu Tsai