Nov 30, 2016

Kota Kinabalu: Blue Sea, White River and Green Rainforest

We just came back from a trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK). The trip meant to be outdoor exploratory, adventurous, and risky, absolutely not like any other holiday trip that we made to before. The trip recruited young explorers as low as 5 years old. It was first time for our urbanised children to get so close to and cherishing the nature, so we were prepared to be a lot more patience, to coax and distract the worry little minds while enjoying ourselves tremendously.

This was also a trip that I did very little in terms of planning. CS, my friend did all the necessary bookings and planning prior to the trip. In essence, the trip consisted of snorkeling, water rafting and jungle trekking.

Day 1: Snorkeling, Sapi Island

According to YS, another friend joined us this trip, island hopping may be tiring and meaningless considering young children of ours. Leisurely spent half a day for snorkelling at the shore of Sapi Island was enough for them to have the optimum fun of the sea and the beach.

Oct 8, 2016

Our First Archifest: ArKIDecture X Exhale | Children Workshop

Have you ever correlate the human body system with the complex building system? Such as circulation and respiration systems in our body versus a building structure and... if it breaths. This morning, the girls and I attended an arKIDecture workshop to learn the concept of a breathable building. We were lucky to be able get the ticket for this event in Archifest, as there was very limited tickets up for grab. Here, must thank Sarah for the alert!

ArKIDecture X Exhale | Children Workshop: The Breathable City Design : Breathable Buildings.

Love that we were in the space that was walled and sheltered with rainbow-scaffolding.

Oct 2, 2016

Kaohsiung: The Pier-2 Art Center

From Takao Railway Museum, you can also come to the Pier-2 Art Center - one that was transformed from a disused dockside warehouse. It was abandoned and faded away of its original purpose until a group of persistent artist who injected waves of creativity and inspiration into the spaces. The Pier-2 was then released and reborn and became a huge attraction to the local and tourist to enjoy fine art, contemporary art, to explore and to contemplate.  

We were half-recharged from Old Yancheng District and were not sure to call it a day or to continue our exploratory. The girls were pretty much up to their max, in term of exhaustion: from morning to almost evening, from the hotel in Gushan to Fengshan to Yancheng, almost equivalent to from the north to the east and the west of Kaohsiung. But since we could pick a route passing by Pier-2 to get a train back to hotel, why not? We pushed our limit and encouraged the girls too- to strike off the very last to-go-place for the day.

Sep 17, 2016

Kaohsiung: 書店喫茶 一二三亭(ヒフミテイ)

I wanted to visit one very peculiar cafe that I learnt from Selena, the writer.  So, from the Takao Railway Museum, we walked into the old Yancheng District of Kaohsiung. This part of Kaohsiung was modernized during the Japanese colonial period and many of which were still remain the same as old days. As it's very close to the harbour, as we walked, we saw some business very much related to shipping. 

With the address in hand, this particular cafe was not too difficult to be found, among the rows of old and new buildings. Once saw this very outstanding signage of "Takao Artistry Warehouse(打狗港都文化艺术仓库)", and an enlarged black and white photo of the above, with a cut-out in the middle hung on the wall, we had arrived!

However, as the entrance was kind of set-back from the building front and the cafe sign was humble to be seen, it would be missed.

Sep 4, 2016

Kaohsiung: Takao Railway Museum

Do you know that Kaohsiung was called Takao (打狗)? I didn't. After visited Takao Railway Museum, I learnt that, Kaohsiung was a small fishing village named Takao, meaning "bamboo forest" in local aboriginal name. The name was changed to Kaohsiung by the Japaneses, which was also pronounced "Takao" in Japanese, as they found the name of ta-kao (beating the dog)  to be vulgar.

The main building of the railway station was kept intact- the open counter, the maps and train schedule on the wall, the desks and the chairs of the workers, the stationery, the blackboard with white chalk, the waiting benches... (can see more from here)

And I thought, the museum was just the station building.

Aug 31, 2016

Kaohsiung: Fongyi Academy

I first learnt about this place was from a well-known Writer- Selena, through her blog. It was a place after years of restoration and renovation to retain and repair the Academy's origin and uniqueness. Those funny figures scattered around the Academy sure attracted me to put it into our itinerary. Good place to introduce a brief history of the ancient Chinese Education and its civil examination system to the girls, I thought.

First built in 1814, the 19th year of Qing emperor Jiaqing (嘉慶), the Fongyi Academy is considered a third-grade heritage site. It has 37 rooms and the academy's internal altars, as well as desks and chairs; it was a place where prospective examinees took the initial exams and the largest Confucian academy preserved in Taiwan. (source)

Aug 28, 2016



This is part of the daddy's reporting since the beginning of the year, letting me know of Little Bomber's behave in the morning when he sent her to childcare center. I've resume full time working scheme and no longer able to do the sending-the-kids-to-school, witness their (either) cheeky face or grumpy face, give a hug and bid goodbye. But the daddy did one little but brilliant initiative by reporting the situation via WA (What’s App) message, almost everyday. In a line or two, he would shared with me his joy if Bomber didn't bomb him, or his achievement of handling an outburst. Sometime, I felt my presence with them and mentioned the morning incident unconciously during our dinner chatting, and Bomber would asked, "how did you know? You were not there?" Hmmm... 

She later realised that the WA conversation (between mummy and daddy) in daddy's phone containing many of her mornings' picture...

Jul 12, 2016

Bangkok: Eat and Shop

This was an impromptu trip. As in we were chatting about shopping and then decided to make a weekend trip to Bangkok 3 weeks prior.

Departure on Friday after work and return on Sunday night. Practically, we only had 1 full day in Bangkok. So, it was just SHOP [verb: visit one or more shops to buy goods.]
Though it was only the three of us. (Previous trip had more friends joined)

Jul 2, 2016

Carrbridge, The Kitchen and Carr-Bridge

On the last day of our amazing adventure in Scotland. we continued our journey, via A9 down south from Drumnadrochit/Inverness. It was a beautiful sunny day, we needed to head back to Edinburgh to catch our sleeper train back to London.

After an hour drive, I thought we were bypassing an ordinary quiet town and will be picking a regular cafe for a brunch. The town itself has an unique name- Carrbridge, the cafe that we walked into had a very common name on its front wall- The Kitchen.

Jun 9, 2016

Chinese Glutinous Rice Dumpling (II)

I had it last year. I am having it again this year. 

This time, coincide with our trip home, I sought my mum's consensus to do it together, to rejoice our good old family tradition. I also thought, perhaps I can show off a little of my matured skill of rice dumpling wrapping.

"让生命稳稳流动(也)是我的功课之一。" by Bubu Tsai