Jun 30, 2011

Hong Kong: f.o.o.d

We didn't include breakfast package during our stay in Royal Plaza Hotel. SC thought it would not be too tough to find food around Mong Kok. So, we had been navigating our selves in the array of shops even before breakfast. Some based on Chua Lam's recommendations, some are not.
Sea View Congee House
 is one of our new discovery that has satisfied Hong Kong style breakfast: Congee, rice noodle roll (cheong fun, 香港猪肠粉), toast bread, spaghetti with minestrone soup, combination of hot dog, egg and bread, HK style fried noodle, soya milk, HK style coffee and tea. Simple yet very good dose and bite to kick start a day that is full of activities. We went there twice as the kids liked it. Best of all, it was between the hotel to Mong Kok MTR Station.
More about 海景 Sea View Congee House.

蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House
Obviously, Jiejie didn't like the place when we first stepped into the restaurant and got our table. It was traditional setting, kind of messy, chaotic, old yet full of characters of HK [shown in pic 1 in the scrapbook below]. Everyone there seems just mind their own business: waiters/waitress just push their wheeled cart to sell the dim sum or clean the tables if necessary; the patrons occupied the space not just for their meal, but newspapers, chit-chatting or simply yum-cha (饮茶). They may just had a peek on our arrival and back to their papers or tea-drinking. Technically, it is full ALL the time; and interestingly, these are the culture behind the traditional dim sum. We were lucky that we didn't need to hover around for table and the old waiter willingly to clean the table for us before we sat down. In the end, with some persuade talk and lots of hug, Jiejie opened her mouth and tasted the carrot cake (萝卜糕) and she loved it! The only regret was really we did not try all kind of dimsum, especially siu-mao (烧卖)and ha-kau(虾饺). Having said that, having dimsum in Lin Heung is a steal! It was less that HKD200 for 5 adults and 2 kids.

tapao (take away) 2 wife biscuits from the counter for a try, HKD5 for each. It was good, very good! Too bad I was told it could only kept for 4 days the most! Otherwise, I would brought back for friends in Sg and KL.

Must say SC made a good choice among so many of Chua Lam's recommendation for dimsum.

Chee Kee (池记)
Contrary, Jiejie preferred the ambience of Chee Kee. Modernly comfortable, I reckon. Though it was as packed as Lin Heung.

It was convenience to us too. After a long day of roaming around, we took MTR back to Mong Kok, alighted and walked out to Langham Place, traveled to level 4 to look for Chee Kee. We went there twice.

Their are famous with wonton noodle and crab congee (
金皇蟹粥) [shown in pic 7 in the scrapbook below]! Their barley water is unique tasty with a some ginger spice! Understand from them that this is only served warm. Fong, our friend, loves the pork rib rice(蘿蔔豬軟骨菜飯), repeatedly order for his 3 visits.
We ordered petite wonton noodle from the menu for Jiejie. [6 in the scrapbook]. SC could not run away from the crab congee... It was simply crabby yummy!

Honeymoon Dessert (满记甜品)

I am a dessert person, so is either Hui Lau Shan (許留山) or Honeymoon Dessert or both. Apparently, I could only tasted the latter. 

We went there to indulge the sweetness of their famous Mango Pomelo and Sago Sweet Soup with Ice Cream and Stewed Bird's Nest with Coconut Juice. [
shown in 8 in the scrapbook] for the 1st time; then i brought my mum there to try Almond Tea with Sweet Potato and (thick) Sesame Walnut Soup. I'm bias! I was beaming while I had it^^.

I feel like going back there now!

何洪记 (Ho Hung Kee)  
This is another recommendation by Chua Lam. Another Shop famous with wanton noodle and Congee. Why? Simply because it would attract Jiejie to eat and eat more without us pushing too hard.

Ho Hung Kee is in Causeway Bay, Sharp Street East, close to Time Square(
Exit A at Casuseway Bay MTR)It is easy to find. Like most traditional wonton noodle shops in HK, this shop is small and packed, probably just 10 tables of serving 4. We were lucky again to get a table soon upon our arrival. SC ordered their signature wonton noodle soup and slides fish congee. Congee was well balanced and tasted good.

Understand from the
Ding Ding that,
"Ho Hung Kee takes seven parts shrimp to three parts pork and a little pepper, grinds the mixture to a paste and spreads it onto a thin wrap. Their dumplings are filled with traditional ingredients including crispy 'wood ear fungus." Basically, the noodle was the sisters' favourite! Oh yes, Bomber had her share too. after I souped in clear water to reduce the taste for her. But somehow we felt that the soup was not fabulous. Or maybe because we are more for dried wonton noodle. 

Fuk Kee Restaurant (富记粥品)
This place [shown in pic 5 in the scrapbook], steal my heart for congee! Cheap (breakfast @ HKD100 for 4+2) and simply yummy! I was literally moved by their Pork Kidney and Liver Congee, which my mum belief that they controlled the cooking fire well by not over cook the pig intestines, it was tender and splendor! On top of the congee, we also added you-tiao (油炸鬼), since Jiejie spotted it when we steped into the small and old shop.

Whilst my dad ordered the shrimp cheong fun. The skin was smooth but thick, which we have yet to acquire the taster and enjoy the thick cheong fun.

If you are at 花园街, Mong Kok, don't miss this shop! Highly recommended, if you don't mind the ambience of the old shop. Well, apparently Lady Luck was with us most of the time, we probably went early that day, it was not packed hence Jiejie had no problem with the unhygienic and messy corner of the shop. Perhaps her focus was on her favourite yao-tiao:).


  1. Wha does little bomber eat when she was in HK? We've been postponing our family holiday coz I find settling the food part a bit challenging when overseas. Even drinking water is a concern for me :P

  2. she ate wanton noodle and rice, with some vegetables and meats in small pieces. i usually 'wash' the noodle first with water to drain the saltiness. other time she would be on baby biscuit, cereal that i brought with and of course milk powder.

    probably she is my second child (also because she is very interested into our food), i am more adventurous in giving her solid compare to jiejie. sometime i could not refuse to give her when she screams and demands a bite:p.

    when she was younger during our perth trip last year, i cooked her porridge, 2 times a day, with local yummy fresh fish, which i usually enquired if the meat was boneless and suitable for baby or not. yup, had to have small slow cooker and hand-mixer with me:).


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