Jul 19, 2011

Hong Kong: Disneyland

Disneyland Park is open at 10am daily. So we tried to checked-out from Royal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok right after our breakfast in Sea View Congee House. SC booked Disneyland Hotel for staying over 1 night.

One thing Disneyland Hotel pleased me very much is the flexibility they give to the guests, For example: 
  1. Allowing us to check-in, store our luggage at the Bell Desk to upon our early arrival and enjoy the Disneyland Park right away.
  2. We came back to hotel for 'check-in' into our room at about 4pm (after indulged into the Flights of Fantasy Parade), my parents also get to rest while Jiejie and SC went on the fun.
  3. Some children programs to continue the Disney fun while they are away from the theme park, like bedtime story, modelling and photographic service (glad my girl didn't ask for this), Mickey Maze and 1 nice activity room mainly for kid to play, to doodle and to craft.
  4. List of Revitalise and Refresh activities can be found here.
  5. Not to mention they have many goodies and surprises for you to bring home, ie the room access card:).
  6. A highlight of Enchanted Garden Restaurant in the Hotel is, there are visits from Disney Characters to delight your meal time. But we drop the idea to go there, since Jiejie get to snap picture with Mickey and Minnie in the Park already. My parents prefer Chinese food, so we ate at Crystal Lotus. 
  7. Upon our check-out of the hotel, we also get to store our luggage, again, at the Bell Desk. We went on to have our lunch in Crystal Lotus, some souvenir shopping and let the kids played in the activity room till about 2/3pm. The Bell Desk helped us to call a taxi to airport. Hassle-free and fast arrival of the taxi too. Our flight was in the late afternoon.
Disneyland Park is truly a huge playground for the kids. Jiejie and Ian were so joyful and energetic for the entire visit to the Park until the end of the fireworks which led to closure of the Park. I would think that it is the great success influence of the Disney cartoon in the television to the children. A visit to the Disneyland Park to me was, hmmm... got to see the cartoon characters 'alive', and the hard work (including the investment) and the creativity proudly smiled, walked, spun or swung in front of me.

Well, clearly I'm not a person with childish heart. All I could remember was carrying little Bomber and danced during the Fantasy Parade in Main Street, USA, under the heat ;P. But SC did enjoy the fun with Jiejie. They particularly like "it's a small world". Fantasyland has most attraction and entertainment that are suitable our kids. We had to skip Adventureland as timid Jiejie really got frighten with the "adventurous sound" projected from the jungle even we were just passing by the main entrance. Also, a compliment from my parents about the spectacular musical extravaganza in The Golden Mickeys in the Fantasyland had relieved me as I was afraid the Park would bored them whole day. They are old and really conservative about kids' fun. They probably enjoy the girls' laugh and simple play more than perspiring and watchful to the girls in theme park. A "very nice show" feedback means really NICE and stole their aged heart in the theater. The kids missed the chance to watch the show as there were too many attractions for them and they seemed impatience to queue for the Golden Mickeys. 

By the way, there is Disney's FASTPASS service for us to queue for a specific and long waiting queue attraction the Park so that we can leave and enjoy other attraction while waiting. However, it was a weekday and off-peak season, we didn't use any of the FASTPASS at all. 

After enjoyed our selves in the Fantasy Parade, we return to Hotel for our check-in. It was a good rest for my parents. We went back to the Park at about 7pm for the firework. We were allowed for re-entry to the Park for our 1-day ticket. We had our dinner and watched the "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks at 8pm. Oh, be prepare to walk, walk and walk for the whole day. It seemed like forever walk for me to return from the park to the bus terminal for taking free shuttle bus service back to the hotels. I was totally drained!

It was our intention to keep Disneyland Park as last destination for our trip to Hong Kong, due to the following reasons:
  1. Distance to airport is close, both are situated in Lantau Island. approximately 15 mins taxi ride for us to reach HK airport.
  2. Keep the very last attraction for the kid(s) till the end so that they will 'cooperative' throughout the 1 week urban trip.
"Have fun and do keep an eye on meimei, dear."
"meimei, want to try this?"

"Oh yay! Blue man is a giant sprinkle!!"

"Stupid blue man making me wet, later mama will scold!"
"Where is jiejie? Wasn't it fun?"
By the way, be alert and watchful to your child(ren) while you are in Disneyland. I have heard enough of cases of missing kid(s).

The Park Map is here.


  1. where is this place? its nice!

  2. CN, it is in Tomorrowland of Disney HK:). i believe it is 1 of your trip agenda:).

  3. Thanks PC. So thoughtful of you to rewrite and remember to share all the important notes with me :)


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